About CJIS


The Criminal Justice Information Systems (CJIS) Advisory Committee was established by the Crime Commission in 1995 in response to recommendations from the Nebraska Intergovernmental Data Communications Advisory Council (NIDCAC). The CJIS Advisory Committee provides advice and direction on issues relating to data sharing and use of information technology among criminal justice agencies. The Committee advises the Crime Commission on criminal justice information system issues, establishes and promotes standards for data processing and communication, facilitates the development and coordination of state and local criminal justice information systems, provides an avenue for cooperation and coordination among state and local information systems and establishes future directions for data sharing.

NCJIS is a secure data portal available to criminal justice professionals. It provides access to a variety of criminal justice data for operational use. If you have questions about the system you can email them to NCC.NCJISHelpdesk@nebraska.gov


  Contact us at NCC.NCJISHelpdesk@nebraska.gov